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Commercial and Industrial Applications


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For over 40 years, Sanders Services, Inc. has been helping businesses run smoothly by providing personalized solutions to their commercial & industrial water treatment needs. We value client relationships and aim to give our partners the best when it comes to their water and wallet.

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Our commercial & industrial water treatment uses state-of-the-art technology to help your business achieve greater efficiency and lower operating costs. Whatever the demands of your industry or requirements of your facility, we can engineer our systems to meet your specific needs.

We understand how critical high-quality water is to your business. Whether you need softened water for a healthcare facility or deionized water for a manufacturing plant, our water treatment specialists can design a custom system for you.

Get the high-quality, ultrapure water your commercial or industrial business requires with deionization.

Our Culligan Portable Exchange Deionizers provide purified water through the ion exchange process.

Portable Exchange Service

Culligan’s Portable Exchange Deionization (PEDI) provides all the benefits of deionized water without significant investment - no large capital investment and no maintenance, labor or chemical costs. We handle resin regeneration, eliminating the need for your business to purchase pricey equipment or handle dangerous chemicals. UV disinfection, cartridge filters and quality monitors can be added to our PEDI systems, giving you additional treatment options.

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Knowing your desired water quality, usage and specifications, we can determine the best commercial and industrial water treatment system for your business. Our application engineers specialize in creating custom, cost-effective solutions, which can include water softening, reverse osmosis, portable exchange deionization, UV disinfection and additional filtration.


As long as the required parts are able to be sourced, our technicians are capable of servicing many makes and models of commercial and industrial water treatment systems. Whether you have a Culligan water treatment system or a competing brand, you can count on Sanders Services, Inc. to provide expert maintenance and excellent customer service. We additionally provide water testing services, which are processed and analyzed by an EPA-certified lab.

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