Whether you are caring for patients in a healthcare facility, or prolonging the lifespan of valuable equipment in your manufacturing plant, Sanders Services, Inc. has the experience and expertise to design a custom water treatment system for you. View our commercial and industrial water treatment case studies to learn how we’ve helped businesses achieve higher flow rates, lower operating costs and consistent production results.

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  Hospital and Medical Complex Located in the Greater Columbia Area, SC

Our relationship with this hospital and medical complex dates back nearly 35 years and continues to grow with its changing water needs. In healthcare facilities, high-quality water is essential to daily operations. There are many departments in need of water treatment – including laboratory testing, central sterilization and patient care.

This specific complex needed soft water to keep their boilers running at peak efficiency. They additionally required deionized water for the sterilization of all medical equipment. Lastly, they were seeking better drinking water for both patients and visitors.

To address these wide-ranging concerns, Sanders Services, Inc. implemented several personalized solutions. In addition to simply installing the water softeners, our team regularly delivers salt and continues to provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring. We also installed a customized portable exchange deionization system with a UV light to be used for sterilization. The healthcare facility receives monthly bottled water deliveries as well.

Healthcare facility in need of water heater optimization and deionized water

  Firearms Manufacturer Located in Columbia, SC

This particular firearms manufacturer needed more than a water treatment solution. With their previous vendor, the mechanism determining their monthly billing was difficult to understand. They were seeking a partner who would be willing to offer premium commercial water treatment with a more transparent billing method.

The manufacturing process of firearms is very detailed and specific. A certain purity of water is required during the nickel plating stage to fight erosion and friction of the weapon’s barrel, which results in smoother weapon operation and reliability.

To achieve the level of water purity required, Sanders Services, Inc. provided this firearms manufacturer with portable exchange deionization. Instead of charging based on gallons of water used, we worked to provide a flexible pricing option better for the client and their budget.

Warehouse packing area of a firearms manufacturer

  Chemical Processor and Solvent Manufacturer Located in Sumter, SC

When a potential customer approached this chemical processor to create a new solvent for contact lenses, they required an affordable yet sophisticated deionization system to meet the manufacturing needs for a situation that could be temporary if they were not awarded the customer’s ongoing business.

Since the initial manufacturing contract was short-term, their water treatment system needed to accomplish a high level of purification, without a lot of capital investment.

After our initial discussions, we supplied this client with a temporary portable exchange deionization system, UV light and multiple different cartridge filters on a rental contract. Rather than owning and having to maintain expensive equipment with the risk of their manufacturing contract not being awarded, this chemical processor could utilize our advanced equipment and have it picked up at any time.

Chemical processor and manufacturer in need of deionized water

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